Does the P Shot® Increase Penis Size?

As a new and pioneering treatment, the P Shot® (or Priapus Shot®) solves sexual problems and increases the sexual pleasure by using the PRP (platelet-rich plasma).

As a non-surgical procedure by nature, the P Shot® uses the growth factors in a man’s own body (PRP) for natural stimulation leading to penis rejuvenation. Being ideal for Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Disfunction, the P-Shot® uses the PRP in the blood to stimulate the growth of new and younger tissue for increasing the blood flow. At our Toronto and Richmond Hill clinics, we offer affordable prices for the P Shot® treatment.

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Can P Shot® Increase Your Penis Size?

Depending on factors like circulation, blood flow, and tissue quality, the male sexual performance can be improved. For most people, a size increase is the primary indicator for the sexual prowess, male confidence, and self-esteem.

So, are you seeking a non-invasive and safe way to increase your manhood size? And can the P-Shot® increase your penis size? The answer is YES.

At our clinics, we specialize in offering best solution to these questions. Our revolutionary treatment enhances and rejuvenates your sexual functioning and health. If you can rely on any treatment, then P shot® is that one treatment.

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P Shot® helps Stimulate your Penile Tissue Growth

As a non-surgical treatment, the P-shot® uses natural growth factors in your body. The treatment aims to stimulate the tissue growth and penile rejuvenation. The non-surgical and simple treatment is designed to boost your self-esteem by helping solve your male sexual problems. The whole process is easy and simple and will only take round about 15 minutes.

P Shot’s Before and After Results

For men suffering erectile dysfunction, the P-shot® can deliver some remarkable before and after results.

This process of “revascularization” increases the sensitivity and revitalizes the tissues to improve the blood flow to the penis. It results in increased sexual satisfaction and improved ability to obtain an erection. The P-shot® opens the blood vessels and stimulates the production of new blood vessels in the penis by using the healing factors and stem cells in your own blood.

So, what kind of results can you expect from the P-shot®? Well, let’s delve into some significant before and after results of the P shot®.

Your Erections will be Harder, Better, Faster, and Stronger

Our experts evaluate your erections by using a 25-point erectile function scale. On the 25 points erectile function scale, Men have gone up as much as five points by taking the P shot®. Most users of this treatment saw within a few weeks these visible changes.

Helps You with Spontaneous Erections

Immediately after getting P shot® treatment, some men experience amazing results. Now, whenever the moment strikes, you can be ready to perform. There are no prescriptions to fill or pills to take. The results can last for well over a year. The P shot® is also one of the only shots known that in a safe and natural manner increases your penis size.

There are No Side Effects

If there are any side effects are associated with the P shot®, then they are as few as possible since it is made from your own blood. Moreover, it dramatically increases blood flow’s amount to your penis and only your penis. There are no vascular side effects associated with Viagra and other erectile dysfunction medications. These side effects can be headaches or other effects.

This Treatment is Suitable For All Men

Anyone can easily benefit from the P shot®, specifically those with oral medication needs due to health concerns but who want to feel, look, and perform like they did in their younger. Those diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease can be thoroughly treated with the P shot®. Due to scar tissue buildup, it causes penis’s bending. The P-shot® is quite suitable for those diagnosed with diabetes, prostate cancer, or other conditions as well.

Helps with Your Penis Enlargement

The P shot® usually leads to size increase of at least a half-inch to 1-inch in both penis’s girth and length. Due to the platelet-rich plasma’s growth factors, an increase in penis size of up to two inches is not uncommon. It happens because of stimulation of new tissue growth.

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Does the P Shot® Increase Penis Size?

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